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CAMEX Technologies prides itself on be able to build a computer that meets you needs and remain competitive on price.

We can build a system that you can do day to day tasks like surfing the internet, or sending emails. We can also build a computer to play you most recent games. The options are literally endless.... it all come down to you, your needs and desires and of course your budget!

Another thing to note is at CAMEX, we only use brand new components from trusted suppliers. There will be no chance that anything in your system will be refurbished or reused. As we only use new components we can also offer warranties that will guarantee your system will remain strong for years to come.

We love our gaming! Rightly so, we also love our gaming rigs.

We pride ourselves on being able to create quality gaming systems that do what you want them too. We use quality components and find the best set up for your to get the most our of your money. If you do however have a preference on brand of component or if you want a specific component, we will be happy to accommodate and help you out.

What if you already have a computer but want to beef it up a bit?

CAMEX Technologies can help with that too! We can have a look at your system and see what the best action to take would be. We may only need to change a few, or even one component and you could have what feels like a different machine. Once again we are happy to help solve any interest you have and make your machine work for you!

Gaming Computers
Personal Computer

After something basic to just get the job done, or something that allows you to do most things but will last in the technology world for a while?

We can help here too!!! We can design and build a computer for anything you want it for. Don't get us wrong, you can surf the web and send emails on a gaming computer, but you might not want to spend that much money on something you are only going to use a few times a week.

No matter the needs you have, we can build a computer to suit and as per all our products, it will be built to highest standard.

Are you needing some new systems for your small business?

CAMEX Technologies can help you out. Whether its a single upgrade or you are planning on replacing your entire fleet of outdated machines, we can work with you to find the right solution.

As a small business we may be able to offer package deals with your system builds so be sure to contact us to get a quote.

Business Computer Solutions
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