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CAMEX Technologies is a small business that prides itself on customer satisfaction and convenience. We will go above and beyond to ensure that you get what you want and need, every single time.

We are primarily an online business at this time, however, if you are in Brisbane and Gold Coast, or anywhere between, your in luck. We operate out of our homes while we start this business up and are based in Victoria Point and Stafford.

We specialise in retail and business sales and repairs and you can be sure your query or concern is being looked after by the best. The CAMEX team brings a wealth of knowledge and know how to ensure your new purchase or repair fits your needs everytime.


As Directors and partners in business, it was important to ensure we had a great background and understanding of how each other worked. We knew this wouldn't be a problem as we have been good friends for over 15 years and continue to build on each others strengths. 

Coming from a background in both Retail and Convenience, to Information Technology and Team Management, we are equipped with the skills needed to succeed in providing the service everyone is looking for. Coming from the same world everyone else lives in, we understand the importance of ensuring you stay up to date with the latest trend and technology, but also get it when you say "there isn't enough time in the day!".

That's where our passion came from, ensuring that we are keeping everyone connected and up to date in a world where you always need to be one foot in front, but also without forgetting the time pressures everyone is under in today's society. Our passion and mission is to bring the latest technology into the everyday lives of... well everybody!

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Alex Karciauskas

Director & Sales Specialist

Alex has an extensive Retail Operations & Retail Management background. He has drive to connect and engage with clients to build strong relationships.


Cameron Gaffel

Director & IT Specialist

Cameron has an extensive IT background with service desks and National IT Management. Having been in the industry for many years, he will be able to ensure the company can succeed

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