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Google Workspace

The flexibility you love with Google, but with unrivaled support.

Google Overview

Everything you need to run your business.

Google Workspace (formally G Suite) is an online suite of tools that allows everyone in your business to collaborate from where ever they are.

Google Workspace is a great way to manage your business, from connecting to customers, partners and suppliers, all while giving you an easy way to manage your tools and business costs.

Online working & collaboration

Connect with you team whether you are at work, home, or anywhere in between.

Google Workspace makes the connection between customer and team seamless.

Productivity anywhere you go

Google Workspace is not just Gmail and calendar. It is a full suite of collaborative and productivity tools.

Use tool like Google Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets and much more.

Enterprise-grade Security

Protect your business and data with Google Workspace.

With reliability and security with Google's cloud infrastructure, you business and team will always be protected.

Google Plans

Google Workspace Business Plans

Choose the plan that best fits your business.

  • Business Starter

    Every month
    Google Workspace Business Starter
    • Custom business email
    • Video conferencing with up to 100 people
    • 30 GB Storage per user
    • Security and management controls
    • Access to online tools such as Docs, Sheets and more.

    Business Standard

    Every month
    Google Workspace Business Standard
    • Custom business email
    • Video conferencing with up to 150 people
    • Video conference recording
    • 2 TB storage per user*
    • Security and management tools
    • Access to online tools such as Docs, Sheets and more.
  • Business Plus

    Every month
    Google Workspace Business Plus
    • Custom business email with ediscovery & retention
    • Video conferencing for up to 500 people
    • Video conference recording and attendance tracking
    • 5 TB storage per user*
    • Enhanced security and management controls
    • Vault and endpoint management
    • Access to online tools such as Docs, Sheets and more.

* Google Workspace provides flexible pooled storage per user that is shared across the organisation.

Every plan includes

Google inclusions.png

Does setting up or switching your business seem hard?
We've got you covered!

Mind map showing connection of services and devices, showing the collaboration between business and customer.

No matter if you are a new business starting out, an established business looking for more, or ready for a change, we can help you.

We will work with you to establish a comprehensive plan to set up your Google Workspace accounts, migrate any email accounts, calendars and data, and most importantly, do it all with minimal disruption to your business.

Basically, we will handle the technical stuff giving you more time to focus on what's important, your business.

Google Contact

We are here to help.

If you have any question, just fill out the form and we can help.

Thanks! We will be in contact within 24 hours to discuss.

  • Do I need internet access for Microsoft 365?
    Yes! Internet access will be required to do most things with your Microsoft 365 subscription, including; Installing and updating all apps, access email and other online collaboration tools, managing your subscription service such as installing Office on other PC's or change your billing options. The exception to this is using the Office apps that are installed on your computer. Once installed, they can be used offline or without internet as they are stored locally on your device. It is however recommended that you connect to the internet regularly to benefit from the updates.
  • What is Microsoft 365?
    Microsoft 365 is an all inclusive platform that enables you and your team to connect to email, chat, calendars, video conference, create events and also use the large suite of apps included in Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc)
  • Is Microsoft 365 a subscription service?
    Yes! Microsoft 365 is available in a wide array of plans to give users access to the entire catalogue of Microsoft 365 apps, or just those that you need. By having it as a subscription service, you are able to adapt to a plan that suits you, as well as react to changes in your business. It is important to consider the plan options carefully as some may not include what you need or are looking for. They also may include different storage allowances and inclusions so it is good to understand your business requirements before taking the plunge. Good news though! We are here to help and walk you through each step to make sure you are getting what you need to effectively run your business.
  • What is Microsoft Teams?
    Microsoft Teams is a collaboration centre which will allow you to work and interact with colleagues via chat, video call and email. Users will also be able to set up storage sites (SharePoint) within teams to assist in cross user collaboration. Video conferencing is a great unlock you get with Teams and lets you conference with up to 250 people at a time, both internally and externally to your business. The users and guests of the call will be able to share their screens, talk and chat with other in the call, as well as share files to make the meeting or event entertaining and engaging.
  • Can I cancel my plan at any time?
    All plans advertised on this page are locked for 12 months, but charged monthly. This means that while you are paying the bill monthly, you are committed to a full 12 months. Any cancellations during the 12 month period can incur a cancellation fee as per your contract. We can offer flexible monthly subscriptions though. These will only lock you in for the month and give you the flexibility to make changes in line with your business needs. Reach out to us and we can discuss options and pricing.
  • Can I move my current Microsoft 365 subscription to you?
    Yes! We are more than happy to bring your current subscriptions across and become your Microsoft 365 provider and manager. Chat with us today on how we can get the ball rolling. Note: You current services will be migrated to us and a new subscription set up with CAMEX Technologies as the provider. Any subscriptions with your current provider will be cancelled and it is important to understand any cancellation fees & charges you may incur from your previous provider.
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